You have questions about Power Perch….we have the answers

What are the dimensions of Power Perch?power perch dimensions-01-01

The shelf is 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep

Can I use Power Perch on my light switches?

Yes, Power Perch works great on all single vertical switches.

What are all the different uses of Power Perch?

You can use Power Perch to charge any of your electronics including your ipad, iphone, smartphone, tablet, small laptop, Apple Watch, smart watch, electric razor, electric beard trimmer, electric toothbrush, electric waterpik and much more! You can also use Power Perch on your light switches to keep all of your on-the-go items easily accessible on the way out the door.

Can I mount Power Perch upside down?

Yes, Power Perch can be mounted upside down.  Installation is the same.

What do I do if my outlet cover screws aren’t long enough?

You can purchase longer outlet cover screws at your local hardware store or contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

What if I have a horizontal outlet?

If you have a horizotal outlet, order your Power Perch here.

Will Power Perch work with all outlets and covers?

Power Perch will work with all vertical single outlets and covers.  There are 3 different sizes of outlet covers: small, medium and large. We designed Power Perch to work with all of them.

Do I need tools to install Power Perch?

Yes, you will need a straight or flat screw driver to remove and replace your existing outlet cover.

Will Power Perch damage my wall?

Nope, because Power Perch uses your existing outlet cover to hold it on your wall, there is no wall damage.

Will Power Perch work with both styles of outlets: standard(duplex) and decorator? 

Yes, Power Perch will work with both styles of outlets because it uses the outlet cover to hold it on the wall.

What is the maximum weight Power Perch can hold?

We have tested it up to 3 lbs.  Individual results may vary depending on your outlet type and size of cover.

Where do I route the cord?

There is a cutout or hole through the top of the shelf that will fit a standard plug through.

What if I have a double outlet?

Have a double outlet, order your Power Perch for double outlets here.

If you don’t see the answer to your question above please contact us.